A quick note regarding prices.

If your computer is booked in for an evaluation and this turns into a virus removal or a Windows reinstallation, we will not add the evaluation fee onto the virus removal or Windows reinstallation price. 


You simply pay for the service we have performed.

Evaluation Fee

This is where our services start.


If we can repair your machine within our evaluation fee, we will.


If we are unable to repair your machine within our evaluation charge, we will call you to talk through the different options.

Virus Removal

If your machine is infected or has been compromised by someone connecting in we will do our best to remove it for you.

Please note that some viruses cannot be removed and, if this is the case, we would need to reinstall Windows onto your computer.


Data Transfer


We offer a data back up and data transfer service. This can be because you have purchased a new machine or because you're unable to load your old one into Windows. We back up the data in our workshop and can put it on something you supply or we can supply an external hard drive, USB or new system for you.


Printer Service

As your local Epson Express Centre, we can service your Epson printer outside of warranty. 

If parts or printer inks are required, we will call you to talk through different options. 

Please note we require the printer to have genuine Epson inks installed before we can perform the printer service. 

New System Setup


If you purchase a new computer system from us or from elsewhere have us set it up for you. 

We will set up your user account, install software supplied by yourself or us, update Windows and other software if required and set up your email account. 

New System Setup & Data Transfer
£60 (save £10)

Take a new system setup and data transfer for only £60, a saving of £10 when buying the services separately. 

Windows Reinstallation (Basic)

A basic Windows reinstallation includes installing Windows and device drivers. 

Windows Reinstallation (Full)


A full Windows reinstallation includes installing software supplied by yourself or us, updating Windows and other software if required, setting up your email account and installing other software to make the computer easier to use. 

Windows Reinstallation (Full) with

Data Transfer

£128 (save £10)

Have a full Windows reinstallation and data transfer for £128, a saving of £10 when buying the services separately. 


Custom Computer Build
From £49

Whether supplying us with the parts to build or asking us to supply the parts to you, we will build your new custom build computer system.

Quotations are always free so do ask us to put together a quote for your comparison.


Onsite Services
From £45

We provide onsite repair services for home and business customers in the East Sussex area. 

Contact us for an estimate of costs before booking us in for a visit. 


Other Services - ask for more details.

We also supply most IT components and the cost of installing and setting up your new parts will be dependant on the time involved and if other services are purchased at the same time.