Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains what information we hold and what we do with that information.


When you book us to carry out work for you we require at a minimum the following contact information:

First name
Full Address
Contact Number
Email Address


This information is used by us to contact you regarding any jobs we do for you. We do not use this information for marketing. If you have access to your email account we can email updates during the work on your equipment.


There are occasions when we pass on your information to a third party. This is usually when the machine is under warranty and the warranty requires the customers information not ours. Your details will not be passed onto third parties for marketing purposes.


Information regarding your equipment
Serial Number/Service Tag


This is for our records, so we know what equipment belongs to who. We also take a note of other items that may be supplied (for example, power supply or bag). We often need the password for your machine to be able to load it into Windows to complete work. Sometimes we require passwords for any accounts you have (email or Microsoft account etc.) and license numbers for software. This information is stored on our database to reference back to if required in the future. If data transfer has been performed we often keep a copy of your data for a month after work is completed. This is in case you discover any files that haven’t been transferred across for any reason. You can ask to see the information at any point. If you would like us to delete any passwords or account information when the job is complete please let us know when you collect your machine or in writing (either letter or email) afterwards.