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Why use genuine Epson inks

Epson have been producing printers and the best ink to work with them since 1978.


Every time you use non-genuine ink in your printer you are putting your printer at risk.


Epson DO NOT make ink for other manufacturers and other manufacturers DO NOT make ink for Epson printers.

But non-genuine inks are so much cheaper!

Epson inks cost more for a reason. They produce consistent good quality with every print, and the print will last on the page.

I've used non-genuine inks for years and never had a problem

Then you have been lucky! You can use them for years and not have a problem, or you can use them once and they can destroy your printer. Epson and other brands make the printers so they know what will work best with them.

Computer Plus only tell you to buy genuine Epson inks because they are an Epson Express Centre.

Computer Plus ALWAYS advises using genuine inks for your printer no matter what the make of printer is. This is because we service printers and see the damage caused by non-genuine ink.


We have seen poor colours, colours missing altogether, print fading after a short amount of time and in one case we had a gentleman bring his printer in a tray as the ink was leaking all over the place!


Computer Plus recommends to our customers what is going to produce the best quality print and prolong the life of your equipment.

So what is in genuine Epson inks that makes the so special?

For starters it's how they are made.


Dust chokes the filter and clogs the nozzles. This in turn can cause damage to the print heads. Epson inks are made in class 500 ultra-clean environment, making sure that nothing gets in the in that shouldn't be there. Only clean components are used , and chemicals are used to stabilise the ink.


Non-genuine inks are not made in this environment, and re-fills not only fail to produce ink in this matter but ADD dust to whatever is already in the ink!


Continuous ink systems force the top of the printer to remain open, again adding to the dust that is already in the system.


Non-genuine ink (especially the continuous ink system) allow air into the inks. Dissolved air can form small bubbles in the ink which in turn then gets trapped in the nozzles.


Genuine Epson ink is treated and vacuum packed so the only air to touch the ink is when the cartridge is initially taken out of the packet and put into the printer. The printer is able to deal with this small amount of air.

Any other reason?

The cartridges themselves are a special design to ensure consistency. This is what happens when you print;


First of all the ink is drawn from the ink chamber within the cartridge by a valve that is opened due to differential pressure. Differential pressure is then applied between the two chambers, then the ink is ejected through the print head.


The intellidge chip monitors ink levels and can remember them even when moved from the printer.

The final print

Epson use two types of ink: pigment and dye. Dye ink is used in the four ink printers, and pigment ink is used in the six ink printers.


Both ink types have been proved to last over time.


Dye ink is durable, water resistant, has a laser-like quality, is smudge resistant and effective on high gloss media.


Pigment ink has a larger variety of colours available, better print quality and less visible droplets in the brighter areas. It is effective on all media types, and provides resistance against light, water, humidity and ozone.

Did you know?

If you use non-genuine ink it can react with genuine Epson ink or a different cartridge used remaining in your print heads causing lumps of ink to be formed?


Non-genuine inks may not match Look Up Tables in the driver which means colours can be printed incorrectly?


Some makers substitute pigment ink for dye inks?


Non-genuine ink cartridges are much more likely to leak inside your printer causing damage and filling your waste ink pads quicker?


If non-genuine ink cartridges have air bubbles or dust in them, performing head cleans could compound the problem causing the printer to fail?


Because non genuine inks are so inconsistent they can react with each other and can clog up your print heads?