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Virus Removal

Unfortunately there are a lot of virus's and malicious software on the internet trying to get onto your computer.


They range from hiding your data, putting 'bubbles' on your desktop to just stopping you machine working altogether.


Most are more of a scam now than an annoyance, often telling you your computer is infected with a large amount of problems and that you need to pay money to remove the problems from your machine.


If you have no virus protection your computer is open to these problems, but even with the best protection, problems can sometimes get through. This is because the people who write these programs are always trying to find ways to get around your virus program. They can disguise their virus as a security alert or something similar that you click on. Once you have clicked on this you have told your virus protection that this is something you have chosen.


If your virus program is unable to find and remove the virus, or in some cases your virus program has been blocked by the virus itself and so it can be difficult to remove.


At Computer Plus we use more than one program to remove malicious software from your machine and our software doesn't affect your data. We also know the common virus's as we see them often and we understand how to remove them.


In the worst cases the virus cannot be removed or will take part of the operating system when it is removed. When this happens there is no alternative but to reinstall your system (taking it back to factory settings). If this has to be done to your machine, we can save your data for you.


We can also supply you with virus protection. Why not look at our AVG page?


We use AVG protection for our machines at work and our machines at home as we believe that AVG make the best virus protection software.


If you think you have a virus on your machine, or see anything you don't recognise we recommend running a full scan with your virus protection software. If this is unable to resolve the issue or you don't currently have virus protection, call 01323 430 666 and speak to a member of staff.

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