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System Recovery Disks

Do I need recovery disks?

Recovery disks are extremely important.


If anything happens to your computer and it has to be reinstalled, you may need recovery disks to do this.


Depending on the age of the machine, you can normally purchase recovery disks direct from the manufacturer. However, if you make the disks from your machine you can save yourself the cost and time (which can be 7-14 days) of ordering them.

Why would my machine need to be reinstalled?

Common reasons are:


1.Virus infection

2.Hard drive failure

3.Operating system corruption

Virus infection

There are occasions when even the best anti-virus software is unable to remove a virus, or if it does remove the virus some of your operating system files can be damaged.


In this instance, as long as your hard drive isn't damaged (which it shouldn't be from a virus) we can take your data off of your hard drive and store it onto our back up computer.


We then wipe your hard drive, taking it back to factory settings using recovery disks and reinstall your data and any other software once this is complete.

Hard drive failure

Your computer is made up of different components that can fail after time, your hard drive is no exception. If you need a new hard drive recovery disks will be needed for your machine to work with the new hard drive.


If we can, we take the data off of your old hard drive, put it onto our back up computer and when your new hard drive is ready we put the data onto your computer.


It is a good idea to have a back up of your data as we cannot always guarantee to recover all of it if your hard drive fails.

Corruption of the operating system

This can happen for many reasons and in most cases we are unable to tell you why as we see this after the event that caused it. Wherever possible we try to repair the operating system first, but sometimes we are left with no choice but to reinstall the operating system. We remove your data from your hard drive, wipe the hard drive so it is as new and when ready put your data back onto your computer.

Can Computer Plus create recovery disks for me?

Yes, we can as long as we do it before they are needed (as by then it is too late). We will do it at a lower cost than buying them from the manufacturer, and we are here to answer any of your questions.