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Repairs & Upgrades

Computer Plus offers repairs for your laptop, desktop, netbook and printer. We have the facilities to carry out repairs in our workshop, onsite or remotely.


Our experienced engineers are quick to diagnose problems and will always talk costs through with you before going ahead.


There are several different reasons to upgrade. It could be to speed up your machine or because you now use it for a different purpose than when you bought it, or you may have purchased software/equipment that requires more than your machine has.


Computer Plus will advise you of the best upgrade for your system.


RAM Memory


This is the most popular upgrade and is extremely cost effective. Adding an extra 1GB of memory can make a big difference to the speed of your machine.


Bring your machine into us and we can let you know if we recommend extra memory, how much memory your machine can take and what the cost is (including installing the memory).


If you decide to go ahead with extra memory, you can either leave the machine with us until the memory comes in, or if you prefer take the machine away, we will call you when your memory arrives.


Hard Disk Drive


Another available upgrade is your hard drive. This is only necessary if you are running out of space and an external hard drive can not resolve the problem. (For example, some software needs a lot of space on the hard drive and must be installed onto the machine itself).


Mouse and Keyboard


One of the most common reasons for upgrading your mouse and/or keyboard is comfort.  You may also find with your laptop that you would prefer to use a separate mouse and/or keyboard rather than the devices built into the machine.


You can keep your old devices as a back up or recycle them when you purchase your new ones from us.


There is a lot of choice when it comes with keyboards - wireless, curved, coloured, large/small keys, function buttons, music controls etc. It is the same with mice - wireless, shaped to fit your hand, the amount of buttons, optical, laser etc.


The mouse and keyboard are not the most expensive parts of a system, but they are the ones that we use the most. If for any reason you are not happy with what you currently have, tell us why and we will help you to find the best mouse and keyboard for you.


Web Camera


More and more people are now using Skype and similar products to keep in touch with friends and loved ones who don't live close by. This means you need a good quality camera and microphone.


Most laptops now come with a web cam installed, but if it isn't up to the standard you need it to be you can purchase one that will clip on the lid of your screen. If you are using a desktop computer, you can purchase one that can clip onto your monitor or sit on your desk.


Like most things, there are many cameras out there and lots of different makes and prices.


If you let us know what you want to use it for, we will find the best one for you and can install it onto your machine when it arrives.


Graphics Card


Depending on what you use the computer for depends on if you require an upgrade of your graphics card.


A laptop computers graphics card cannot be upgraded but there are many choices when it comes to upgrading a desktop computer.


If you are playing games or doing a lot of graphics work, an upgrade can improve your machines performance as well as giving you a better picture.




A desktop computer can be supplied without a monitor, leaving you to choose which one you want. People upgrade for many reasons - one of the most common reasons being that what you use the machine for has changed.


For example, you had separate speakers when you bought it but now due to space or not using them as much as you thought, a monitor with speaks can be better.


Photography is a growing hobby for many people and a good monitor that can show truer to life colours when it comes to editing.


Or sometimes, like the TV you just want a bigger screen!


There are many brands and ranges of monitors and at Computer Plus we can help find the one that best suits what you need to use it for.


DVD Drive


If you are using a computer that is several years old, you may not have a DVD writer. If you wish to send photos to a friends, back up data or hand in a document a DVD disc can be a good way to do it.