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Recycling old computers is difficult. The speed at which technology is moving now means more and more people are buying new machines rather than repairing the old ones as this is often more cost effective.


The main problem with this is that apart from taking machines and printers to your local waste centre it can be difficult to dispose of them. At Computer Plus we recycle what we can and can help you do the same.

PC's and Laptops

Firstly, we take the hard drive out to protect your personal information and we take the hard drive apart, destroying the disk platters that contain your important personal information.


We take the computer apart to recycle all the metal and printed circuit boards with a local recycling company.


Printers are more disposable than ever, and can be very difficult to recycle. We can take your old printer to recycle as well as the cartridges (see below).

Ink Cartridges

At Computer Plus we can recycle all genuine ink cartridges (non-genuine ink cartridges are not recyclable). We send Epson cartridges back to Epson and for Lexmark, HP and Canon we send them to charity to help premature babies. The charity receives £1 per cartridge.

Mobile phones

Like the ink cartridges, we can send your old mobile phones to charity to go towards research for premature babies. The charity receives £10 per phone.

Other Recycling

We recycle everything we can from our day to day work, including cardboard, glass and plastics. Our desktop computer system boxes are very strong and if you are moving house we are more than happy to save them for you, as we have them available. All of our paper is recycled, shredded or not.


At Computer Plus we support the motto:


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle