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There are lots of printers to choose from. There's inkjet or laser, four or six ink, all in ones and lots more.


And that's before you decide what brand you want to trust.

Laser or inkjet?

For most homes inkjet printers are more suitable. We recommend laser printers if you only print in black and white and print a lot of pages on a daily basis.

Four inks or six inks?

Choosing how many inks you need depends on what you print.


A six ink printer is capable of printing a larger variety of colours, so if you print a lot of pictures or cards then a six ink printer is for you.


If you are unsure, come and visit us. We have a photo album with pictures printed on a four ink printer and a six ink printer on different paper types so you can see the difference yourself.


What brand of printer should I buy?

We sell Epson more than any other brand. The main reason for this is that we know they are reliable and if you choose, there is a three year warranty available. Because we are an Epson Express Centre we know we can look after your printer for you.


The second most popular brand we sell is Hewlett Packard. Again, these are reliable printers and they offer laser or inkjet.


Whatever printer you buy, remember to consider what happens if the printer has any problems and the cost of genuine replacement cartridges.