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Health Checks

A health check is like an MoT for your PC or laptop. At Computer Plus we recommend you have one at least once a year.

What is a Health Check?

To help your machine perform at its best.


Over time your machine can collect temporary files that it doesn't need, and infections from the internet sneak through the best Anti-Virus programs. Your computer is made up of components which can fail. Sometimes there are warning signs and a health check can spot these.

Why do I need a Health Check?

We run hardware diagnostics, check for spyware and malware infections (we use more than one program), clear your machine of temporary files, check for updates for software you have installed and more. If we think your system can be improved with an upgrade we will give you prices, and where we can we will include the price of the labour within the Health Check.


Call 01323 430 666 or visit us for more information.


If your machine is only a year old, it doesn't need as much attention as a machine that is six years old. At Computer Plus we recommend the health check that suits your machine.


Over time, you may notice that your machine develops 'habits' that can be annoying and make tasks take longer than before. Although they are frustrating, it is often the small problems that go unfixed as they don't stop the machine from working. If you bring your system in for a health check, let us know and we will tailor a health check to you.


We can also tailor a health check to your needs if you feel that you already do some of what we include. At Computer Plus we understand that you don't want to pay us to do something you can already do yourself.

What is included in a Computer Plus Health Check?

The length of time we need your machine depends on the amount of data you have, size of your hard drive and the speed of your computer. We advise between two to four days, on average two.


We understand that you don't want to be without your working computer for long. Speak to a member of staff and we can usually book you in so we are able to start working on your machine as soon as we have it in our workshop.

How long will I be without my machine?